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Concrete Haul Away

Concrete Removal or Concrete Hauling

Haul Away

Concrete removal services make your concrete waste headaches disappear — with low cost and no effort on your part.

Sometimes our customers have the ability to breakup their own cement foundation or slab, but do not have the equipment to get it hauled to the appropriate place. Whether that is the dump or a recycling plant La Ross and Son Construction has the ability to handle that task for you. All of La Ross and Son Construction’s dump trucks have covered load beds, proper lessening and proper registration.

When you see a La Ross and Son Construction truck on the road you see the pride we take in maintaining all of our equipment. It should be clean, organized and ready for work. We are constantly monitoring all of our truck driver’s records and all vehicles are GPS tracked for speed violations and service areas.

We offer a competitive price and provide a much more efficient disposal option.

Things to Consider if you rent a roll-off dumpster.
– Dumpster sizes and weight limits can vary depending on your location.
– Of course, you load your own debris or materials

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